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Toss and Splash KitIn December 1999, Pioneer® Balloon Company acquired the assets of the National Latex Products Company in Ashland, Ohio and changed the name to Pioneer National Latex. National Latex was founded in 1939 and was lead throughout its history by the Gill family. As a balloon manufacturer, National Latex, excelled in consumer packaged products and developed innovative merchandising solutions that addressed the needs of the retail market. Its balloons and punch balls could be purchased in most of the major mass market chains.

Today, Pioneer National Latex continues this tradition and has expanded its line of products offered to consumers. From water balloon grenades to a series of balloon toys and balls, National Latex offers a wide range of products that appeal to children and adults alike; including the most popular licensed characters printed on a latex balloon and punch ball in attractive consumer friendly packages. In addition, Pioneer National manufacturers a complete line of competitively priced helium quality balloons in a variety of sizes and colors.

Balloons bring smiles. The color, excitement, and the magic of balloons has welcomed troops from war, celebrated the first man on the moon, launched marriages, and announced births. Pioneer National Latex prides itself on the dedication of its people, some of whom have been producing balloons in Ashland for more than 40 years.

Balloon Facts

• Pioneer National Latex balloons are made from 100% natural latex. Our latex balloons are biodegradable, and decompose as fast as an oak leaf in your backyard!

• Latex balloons come from rubber trees. Latex is collected by cutting the tree’s bark, then catching the latex in a cup. Latex harvesting doesn’t hurt the tree!

• Latex balloons are Earth-friendly! Rubber trees grow in equatorial regions of the world. Latex harvesting discourages deforestation because latex-producing trees are left intact. A tree can produce latex for an average of 35 years! The tree is then cut down and the lumber is used in making furniture.

• Balloons were invented in 1824, the same year as the electromagnet.

• Helium-filled balloons float because helium is lighter than nitrogen and oxygen, the two components of air.